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Did Alex kill Adam in some sort of dream in the begining ?

Post by july on Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:04 am

Yeah for those who doesn't know that doctor is Adam. He Adam resurrected Joshua. Like in silent hill 2 in rebirth ending. And rebirth Joshua manipulated Alex to kill Adam in a dream, so all of the game would happen. Alex didn't kill Adam for real for sure. That would be to cruel.
For me there is two versions. Bogeyman in the beginning is Alex or Adam. If it's Adam then he just wanted to be punished and Bogeyman kills him. If it's Alex then Alex kills Adam in some sort of dream or something, not for real.



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Did Alex kill Adam in some sort of dream in the begining ?

Post by Otherworld on Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:12 am

I know the monster below is called "the boogeyman" by the creators of this game, but we all that it is Pyramid Head.


BoLM quote:
Pyramid head." Takes the appearance of an executioner of times past.

And we know others have seen a similar monster...

BoLM quote:
Walter Sullivan murdered a young boy and his sister, and then took his own life. The connection between the "red devil" he saw and Pyramid Head has become a topic of discussion among players. However, Pyramid Head is only a representation of James' need for punishment. No one besides Sullivan himself can really know what he saw.

Valtiel is the being that Pyramid Head is modeled after. His form is also seen differently depending on the person.

So, i believe that in this case .... the Bogeyman is just the Bogeyman, or more accurately, Pyramid Head is just Pyramid Head ....

And I believe that PH kills Adam in the beginning ....

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